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Tips and Suggestions

Save Your Memories

With today's modern technology it is so easy to take pictures.  The biggest mistake I see being made is people keeping their pictures on their phone or camera.  It's great to have them on the phone, because it's so easy to show others the pictures you have.  But please!  Be sure to have copies someplace else as well.  Burned to a disc.  Stored on a portable hard drive.  Filed on your desktop or laptop computer.  Or, as our ancestors did, printed on paper and stored in a shoebox.  My biggest fear is someone kicking out that great big plug and people loosing all their data, and an entire generation of people loosing their pictures as well.  Print your best shots and save your memories.


Compose your picture when you shoot.  Even if you shoot with a simple point-and-shoot or your phone, your pictures will look better with proper composition techniques.  There is something called the rule of thirds.  Divide your picture into 9 squares, like tic-tac-toe.  Two vertical lines, two horizontal lines.  Try to put the main subject of your picture where any one of those lines intersect, not in the middle.  When shooting landscape, put the horizon line in the lower third or the upper third, not in the middle.  Composition is a big step in separating a snap-shot from a photograph.   If you want your photo to stand out from the crowd and not be in the middle of it, keep your subject out of the middle.

Avoid Clutter

This kind of goes with composition.  Try to make sure the subject you are shooting is not over-shadowed by distracting objects.  If you are shooting a football player, try to keep the water-boy and the band out of the shot.  Let the viewer see the football player, not the distractions.

Learn How To Use Your Camera

Going on a big once-in-a-lifetime vacation?  One that is so important you need a new camera for it?  Do yourself one of the biggest favors you can ever do for yourself.  Learn how to use it before you go on that trip!  Even if you never take that new camera out of E-Z mode, learn how to use it so you don't spend your vacation in front of the seven wonders of the world reading the manual that came with the camera.

Everyone has memories.

Keep yours in focus.

If this is your first visit to the gallery, just click on the picture of the Matterhorn and allow a moment or two for the pictures to load.  Above all, please enjoy!