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Demonstration Video

The video shown below is actually two videos.  Both videos use the same music and the exact same photos.  The first video is the Basic Slideshow.  It shows all the photos on screen for the exact same amount of time, has a title page, and basic fade-in / fade-out transitions.  The second video is the Enhanced Slideshow.  It features panning and zooming effects, captions on four pages in addition to the title page, and customized transitions between the slides.  In addition the timing of the photos varies with each slide.  You can well imagine how much more work goes into the Enhanced Slideshow which explains the necessary pricing variance.

I used photos of my own parents in the following video.  Both versions combined take approximately 4-1/2 minutes total.  Enjoy.


A 10% discount will be applied to orders where you provide digital media and scanning of your photos is not required..















Number of Photos &

Number of Songs 

20-49 Images With 1-2 Songs

50-74 Images With 2-3 Songs

75-99 Images With 3-4 Songs

100-149 Images With 4-6 Songs

150-200 Images With 6-8 Songs

The Basic Slideshow is fairly standard, in that you receive a title slide, each image used will appear on the screen for the same amount of time, and each transition is a basic fade-out / fade-in transition.  All photos used in the Basic Slideshow are presented as received (no digital enhancements), and without panning, zooming, or any other effects.

The Enhanced Slideshow offers customized titles and text effects, the images are displayed in varying lengths of time with occasional panning, zooming and motion effects as appropriate.  All transitions between photos are customized.  Light photo enhancements such as red-eye reduction, cropping, color balance and contrast / brightness adjustments are available.

Both options offer scanning of you photos, slides, negatives or news-clippings, as well as your choice of music.

Note:  Music is a touchy subject in the business world.  The artists and recording companies worked hard to produce and provide their product, and compensation is due.  The only music I can add to your slideshow is music that you provide in the form of an original (no burned copy) CD, or that which I purchase and download from a legitimate online source and then dispose of after creating your DVD.

Everyone has memories.

Keep yours in focus.